3230 miniwalls light 10W 12W 15W 6PIX 8PIX 16PIX DMX

3230 miniwalls light 10W 12W 15W 6PIX 8PIX 16PIX DMX

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Product parameters:
Product Size: L1000 * 32 * 30mm
Shell material: 6063 aluminum(silvery / black)
LED light source: SM D5050 RGB R/G/B/W / W/AW/GW
Control modalities: Changliang 6, para. 8, para. 16
Number of LEDs: 48 / M 36 / M 60 / M
Luminescence angle: 10 ° 30 ° 45 ° 60 ° 120 °
Waterproof Level: IP65
Operating voltage: DC12/24V
Maximum power: 10W12W15W
Environmental temperature: -30 °C ~ 50 °C

Product characteristics:
1. Adopt high quality high and high 5050 patch LED, can achieve full-color gradient, jump, monochrome scanning, running water and other functions;
2. LED light plate selection full fiber board(FR-4 material);
3. The outer shell adopts an aviation aluminum shell, the surface is anodized, and the appearance is durable;
4. Advanced production processes(mechanical patches, glue) to effectively ensure product quality;
5. Simple and convenient installation.
Control system:
SD1024 Series Control System(offline) YT-SD 950(on-line)
1.Bridges, river dykes, external walls of buildings, green landscapes, etc..
2.The background of the billboard, the outline of the building and other large dynamic photosensitive tape;
3.Bar, KTV and other entertainment venues;
4.Jewelry counters, building curtain walls and other landscape decoration;

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